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Thanks for stopping by. A little history about 22peppers. I was taught how to grow a garden over 11 years ago by one of my cool neighbor friends and I became fascinated with the fact that I could grow some of the hottest peppers in the world. I grew to love the peppers 🌶  amazing outcome and started cooking and using them in all sorts of foods like fish, chicken and soups

It became a passion of mine to grow and give super hot peppers away to my friends and family to cook with. After 11 years of growing some of the Hottest Peppers in the world, I decided to start making "Pepper Sauce".

 22 Peppers Pepper  Sauce is one of my best “creations”. 

I hope you try all my flavors because each has its own unique color, flavor, and taste!

See you back soon

Home Grown Peppers

Jamaican Hot Chocolate Hot Pepper


Very Hot Pepper

Trinidad Scorpion


Extremely Hot Pepper 

Carolina Reapers.


Extremely Hot Pepper

Lemon Drop Peppers along with Bells

Medium Hot

Medium Hot

Spicy Flavors Prices


Red Carolina Fire -$8.00

 Green Heat Habanero-$8.00

 Yellow Flame Habanero-$8.00

Smoke-N- Hot Habanero-$8.00

Scorpion Sting-$8.00

Hoppin Hot-$8.00

$8.00 each

Cases $85.00

Wholesale Prices-10 or more cases-$45

Shipping Anywhere in US and Outside the US.

Favorite for the Month


This month our favorite sauce is the Hoppin Hot!

Makes you wanna hop!

Spicy Flavors

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Scoville Heat Units


I have grown some of the hottest peppers in the world with the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion being some of them along with the  Jamaican Hot Chocolate Pepper. 

My tolerance for heat is extremely hot.

What's your level? 

What flavor are you going to choose?


Red Carolina Fire 

Green Heat Habanero

Yellow Flame Habanero

Smoke -N- Hot Habanero

Scorpion Sting

Hoppin Hot 


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Peppers are Colorful, Cool and Sexy.

 Customer satisfaction is priority at "22PEPPERS". Each and Every bottle of   Pepper Sauce that is made with love, good vibes, and good energy!

I hope  you love your pepper sauce just as I enjoyed making it.

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